Roofing in Oklahoma

There are many, many types of roofs in Oklahoma! Everything from asphalt to slate, corrugated tin to copper with a carefully manicured patina.  There are even quite a few homes built here with sod roofs or underground.

Each roof has it’s own pros and cons. With so many types of roofs, the expense of installation can vary from a few thousand dollars to quite a bit more.

In Oklahoma, there are also building codes that must be followed for the safety of the home owners and the community at large. All roofing tiles installed on any property in Oklahoma must meet strict testing and installation standards and must be wind resistant, water-resistant and fire resistant. Some roofing tiles are better than that than others.

Slate roofs often appear on the homes of the very wealthy. Due to the sheer expense of installation, they are not likely to ever be seen on middle or poverty level homes. However, these roofing tiles are the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and durable on the market.

If cost is a prohibitive, the most likely roof to be installed is a 3 tab fiberglass asphalt tile. Generally, these are black, dark brown or grey. They can come in other colors, but the natural dark coloring helps to lower the energy costs by being somewhat reflective.

There are other, less popular choices for roofing here such as wood, terra-cotta and ceramic tiles. Because Oklahoma weather can be violent, tiles made out of terra-cotta would be both a waste of money and a terrible danger during a tornado. Before considering any type of roofing material, be sure to check with the Oklahoma State Building Code Commission office. All permits, rules and regulations are required.

Do your research and find a quality roofer. A poorly installed roof can cause as much damage to a structure as a bad foundation. If you have questions, you can find out more about the company by going to the Oklahoma Better Business Bureau.